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weekend recap and happy memorial day!

It’s Memorial Day, but we’re still working! [Business as usual around here.]

We had quite the productive weekend though.

D spent the weekend tilling up our yard and attempting to rake it flat to seed bermuda grass… plus sectioning off our new beds.

Elliot and I ran some errands [Earth Fare and a kid shoe store] and spent the rest of the weekend prepping for our 30 day clean eating extravaganza that kicks off today.

In photos:


Elliot sipped tea while I prepped food for the week.


Me: “Elliot, you have to put your diaper on.”

Elliot: Violently shakes head no.

Me: “Then are you going to use the potty?”

Elliot: Violently shakes head no.

Me: “Then will you put your diaper on?”

Elliot: Violently shakes head no.


Waving at dada and our wasteland of a yard with no grass [also playing with the sand/water table AKA putting water on her head].


Cooking dinner.


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weekend recap.

On Thursday night, E and I flew to Florida to visit GG (Grandma Gale) and catch up with D.

Flying with a one year old alone is insane. Check a bag when attempting this. Elliot was actually very good and slept most of the way, but it was still exhausting.

The rest of the weekend was low key.

It involved the following things: a pineapple pina colada, drinking out of big girl cups, carrying a purse, and climbing lots of stairs. E also practiced her tricks (saying “ay yai yai” and fake coughing).


Ay yai yai.

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things you should know.

D has been traveling all week [work conference]. That means I’ve spent a lot of time on the interwebs.


domino posted a list of some crazy inspirational design blogs.

Mother launched recently and it is so great. I am obsessed.

On a similar note, The Glow features some of the most inspirational mommies ever.

Elliot and I are flying to Florida tonight to see D and grandma Gale. Bless it.

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weekend recap.

Great weekend. Mondays are terrible.

We packed up the car and headed for the beach on Friday after work.

I ran the Oak Island half marathon on Saturday morning and finished 3rd overall female. The weather was beautiful although the warmth did make the race more challenging.


The rest of the weekend was pretty hilarious with Elliot’s antics. She finally started taking steps on her own. And dancing.


She has also been doing baby sign language like crazy… she says “milk” when she wants to nurse and she uses “more” for lots of things. It’s so cute, it kills me. We should probably learn more signs though.

Elliot also has these tantrums, which are unbelievably funny.


One more photo for good measure. Elliot and D napping. This photo kills me with the little bit of Elliot’s hair sticking up. Poor baldy.


We made it back to Mooresville last night in time for a quick trip to Earth Fare to prep for the week. It’s going to be a busy one.

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thoughts on thursday.

  • Elliot is really cute. Like, so cute it hurts and makes me want another baby. Sweetest bald little head ever.

2013-07-07 07.47.27 HDR

  • Elliot got some new clothes this week from Skippy [my mom]. We are waiting on more that have been ordered. Love miniBoden, Tea Collection, and lots of small shops. Obsessed with LittleHipSqueaks and waiting on our first order from there [two pairs of ultraskinny leggings].

2013-07-17 20.36.30 HDR

  • I really need to give an update on the house: before, after, and next steps. I know that. It’s in the works. Oh, look, Elliot’s nursery! Whoops, that has been done for a while now. [photo: The Beautiful Mess]


  • A large part of my job entails creating and documenting processes. I have a HUGE one to wrap up this week, and I am procrastinating big time [thus the posting?]. Umm sorry that using something called “rational system architect” sounds like a real drag.
  • I’m going to my first La Leche League meeting on Saturday. I’ve been meaning to go since I was pregnant, and it probably would have been super helpful back then. Even though we aren’t having any breastfeeding issues, I feel like I want to go to be supportive. I’m sure I will still get something out of it. I guess it is never too late!

That is all.

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weekend recap

Okay, who am I kidding? This is a life recap.

Life with a baby is busy, and when Elliot is awake, I try to be present with her as much as possible…

So, the weekend.

D, Elliot, Lily, and I went to Oak Island for the weekend with my parents. This was a reminder we don’t get to the beach house nearly as much as we should.

The weekend consisted of

beach time with daddy

Imageshopping in Southport / dinner at Provisions

annnndddd more beach time / nappingImage

As for the rest of life…

  • I’m at Lowe’s, Elliot is at The Goddard School, and we are both dealing with it. She takes a bottle now, but only at school.
  • D, Elliot, and I took a short vacation to Richmond, Philadelphia, Burlington (VT), Lake Placid, Gloversville (NY), and NYC. Photos on the Facebook.
  • We are on a time out from house reno, but we need to get on some things. ¬†Update on the house to come.
  • Elliot’s favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? It makes her grin every. single. time.
  • I am now a placenta encapsulation specialist and working with an awesome group at Wombmart. Basically I dehydrate placentas and create pills for postpartum use. More to come on this one, but the bottom line is that I think education around natural birth/living is super important.

Happy Monday!

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t.g.i.f. seriously.

So, so, soooo ready for the weekend.

Working is terrible. No joke.

I’ve been back at work for a week, and Elliot spent her first week at daycare. She is fine [her teachers are the sweetest things ever], but I have to schlep over to feed her at lunch since she won’t take a bottle [who even knew this problem could exist?!].


We have some fun things planned for the weekend – The Great Cloth Diaper Change at The Baby Grocery Store, donating milk at the birth center [not like we can give it to Elliot], and chillin’ like villains.

ImageCutest. thing. ever.

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