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The blog, that is.

It isn’t dead… it has just been on… hiatus.

My excuses include the following:

1. D and I went on vacation to Maui. I disconnected and never reconnected.

2. I am tired. ¬†As many people already know, we are growing a tiny baby. Well, mostly me. Anyway, it’s been taking a lot of energy. But now I am feeling more energized.

Meet Baby Real Baby. Yes, that is what we call it. We have to distinguish it from my other baby. The furry one.

Unfortunately for Baby Lily, Baby Real Baby can already do things she can’t. Baby Real Baby can suck its thumb… Lily doesn’t even have a thumb. Aww. Poor Lil.

3. Over the past few weeks, D and I worked on some random projects. Some weren’t at our house. We spent one weekend working at the rental house and one day on projects at my grandmother’s. Not that fun, but my grandmother did give me this, which I have wanted my entire life.

D destroyed an upstairs closet. Drywall to come.

I started removing wallpaper. I found more wallpaper underneath that I cannot remove – previous homeowners sealed it up [even adding plaster over it in spots], so there is no way to remove it without annihilating the wall. I plan to re-seal it, caulk around the edges, and sand the seams smooth.

D installed cedar in our master closet and our front porch speakers.

Anyway, we’ve been up to some stuff. I swear I am blogging religiously again.


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since i’ve been gone

a week and a couple of days later, we finally moved the ac unit.

Technically, JR moved it, so we didn’t even do any work.


It used to be to the right of the doors.

Instead of moving the ac last weekend, I ripped up the fake hardwood in the kitchen to find linoleum or some form of ultra ugly tile. Obviously D and I scraped that up too. Then we sanded the floors, which still aren’t quite done. We’re in a holding pattern on those while we make some project-related decisions.

[excuse the dog feet. We are babysitting my parents’ dog while they vacation in Vegas. She won’t move more than 1 foot away.]

Since the kitchen [appliances, etc] aren’t THAT bad, we’re considering finishing up a bunch of other projects [exterior house painting, more windows, back living room, patio, etc] before tackling the kitchen. BUT there’s a time-constraint related to our employee discount at Lowe’s… hmm…

Anyway, D and I worked on a few things this weekend in addition to the ac.

D installed the temporary stairs [pictured above] to use until we get a permanent patio. Pretty helpful with two dogs in the house.

He installed the new toilet and pedestal sink in the half bath.


I cleaned and then painted some windows…



Babysat some dogs…


And got my toes painted minty green.


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if i ever get tired of stripes

someone remind me I can go to basic black.

The original plan for our master bath was black and white.

Somewhere along the way D suggested gray and white… and I loved it because it created a really soothing room [in an otherwise chaotic mess].

I love painting having painters paint rooms black.

Maybe because black is my favorite color.

Black rooms coming soon.

20120425-093431.jpg [via House Beautiful… and technically this is chocolate brown]

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hot in herre.



Today, after a 6.5 mile run, I decided to remove the wallpaper in the half bath.


I wasn’t even drinking.

We delayed it for a while since it was our only working bathroom downstairs.

Painters? Painters?

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a gaping hole.

In our house.

Don’t worry, we put doors in it.


We now have doors right into the backyard. Lily doesn’t know yet, but she will totally love them.

The painters have been in and out for days.

They painted our stairs, and I promptly constructed this gallery wall.



They also painted the living room.




It still needs some help, but it’s better now that it isn’t yellow.

I want to get the bedroom painted. And get this wallpaper on the wall behind the headboard.



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never liked them. now i love them.

Florals. That’s what I’m talking about.

I just read this post, and I could not agree more.

I’ve never really liked florals. Kind of girly; not really my thing.

Lately, I’ve been coveting them.

[Pinterest / Furbish Tray / more Pinterest]

I’m wearing floral today.

[J Crew]

And I found myself kind of admiring this old wallpaper from my grandmother’s house.

Scary what spring can do.

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what i got

D bought me a gift in NOLA. This…


It’s a gator head.

In other news, the plants really do look lifelike… right?


AND our shower door is in! We can use it tomorrow morning. Wooo.


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