thoughts on thursday

  • We bought 2 Kawaii overnight cloth diapers for Elliot at The Baby Grocery Store last weekend. I LOVE them. They are huge, but don’t leak even though we don’t change her at night. Plus, Elliot really likes the designs. Only $14. picstitch
  • Encapsulated a placenta with Jereka yesterday. Why does doing this make me want another baby?! I think it’s the placenta dust. Or the tiny wrinkly babies.
  • I really want need to do some work around the house. Move the campaign dresser in the living room up to a guest room, paint some night stands for the other guest room… when am I going to have time for this?
  • D built raised garden beds for me for Mother’s Day. I still haven’t planted anything. Must get transplants for fall garden. Broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, carrots… maybe some other lettuces.
  • August 1-7 was World Breastfeeding Week, but all of August is National Breastfeeding Month! Breastfeed your babies and support other peeps who are doing the same! DSC_0605


After writing all of these thoughts, it occurred to me that this may be perceived as my craziest post yet. I managed to mention placenta encapsulation, cloth diapering, annnnd breastfeeding all in one post! Sorry!!!


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  1. Another update: We no longer love the Kawaii diapers. We are using Honest Company disposables at night. I swear the Kawaii leaked more than the BumGenius. I have heard that a wool diaper cover over the BumGenius may be the answer. (?)

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