thoughts on thursday.

  • Elliot is really cute. Like, so cute it hurts and makes me want another baby. Sweetest bald little head ever.

2013-07-07 07.47.27 HDR

  • Elliot got some new clothes this week from Skippy [my mom]. We are waiting on more that have been ordered. Love miniBoden, Tea Collection, and lots of small shops. Obsessed with LittleHipSqueaks and waiting on our first order from there [two pairs of ultraskinny leggings].

2013-07-17 20.36.30 HDR

  • I really need to give an update on the house: before, after, and next steps. I know that. It’s in the works. Oh, look, Elliot’s nursery! Whoops, that has been done for a while now. [photo: The Beautiful Mess]


  • A large part of my job entails creating and documenting processes. I have a HUGE one to wrap up this week, and I am procrastinating big time [thus the posting?]. Umm sorry that using something called “rational system architect” sounds like a real drag.
  • I’m going to my first La Leche League meeting on Saturday. I’ve been meaning to go since I was pregnant, and it probably would have been super helpful back then. Even though we aren’t having any breastfeeding issues, I feel like I want to go to be supportive. I’m sure I will still get something out of it. I guess it is never too late!

That is all.


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  1. Christa

    Love that you are enjoying this experience to the fullest! And yes, just looking at them makes you want to do it all over again and again. Such and addicting and amazingly miraculous process – but even more wonderful is that perfect little person you get to hang out with.

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