fixin up a kitchen [on the cheap]

A few months ago [okay, back in April or so] D and I considered doing a complete kitchen renovation.

The thing is, we found out how expensive it would be to create our dream kitchen, and we decided that we would rather make the kitchen nice and live-able but still have money left to do some other projects in the house that would also make a big impact [have the floors re-finished, paint, etc]. We still plan to totally re-do the kitchen eventually and we have the cabinet layout/floor plan so we are factoring that in now when we make decisions [how to place the electrical, NOT spending major $$$$ on a sink that will inevitably be replaced].

So, from the beginning.

We removed the dropped ceiling and installed recessed lights plus two pendant lights above the sink area. The drywall guy finished up the ceiling on Saturday, so now it’s ready for paint.

I decided that painting the cabinets and switching out the hardware would really help. We bought the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Solutions system, which has been reallllllly nice. The kit comes with deglosser, paint [it requires two coats], glaze [I’m not using that], and a sealer. Rust-Oleum makes a light and a dark tint package – basically you pick the appropriate package based on the color you plan to paint the cabinets [Rust-Oleum lists the color options on the packaging] and have the paint desk at Lowe’s mix the color just like a regular can of paint.

I’m painting our cabinets white, and we ordered brass hardware [from Home Depot. Oops.]

Because the insides had already been crapily painted [thank you people who owned this house previously], I was forced into painting those too, so I’m using a grey Valspar in high gloss.

Painting cabinets properly takes an extremely long time. I think I’ll finish in the next few days, but I’ve been working on it for a few weeks. Multiple steps, time required between steps, ugh…

Anyway, the painters are coming at some point this week. They are painting the walls white.

The floor guy is coming next week.

Then we can re-install the cabinetry and appliances.

We’re getting a super inexpensive butcher block countertop from IKEA. And D [or Ray, our contractor] is likely installing a beadboard backsplash. We ordered a sink [from Lowe’s, not to worry] and a new faucet [from ATG, owned by Lowe’s, still counts]. We’re planning to install a new gas range too, but not until after the holidays.

We are also getting a new microwave for over the range, which I totally forgot about, until right now.



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