the trifecta

So, I am a really bad blogger. I’ve been busy – working at my real job, traveling, being preg, and working on the house [that thing I’m supposed to be blogging about]. Plus Lily has been really needy. Yeah, lets’s blame her.

I took photos last weekend for a post… you know, the current state of the house. Unfortunately [or fortunately for me I guess], they aren’t really up to date anymore, so more to come.

Here’s the bottom line: D and I are preparing for what I like to call “the trifecta”.





Okay, obviously the last room [the nursery] needs more than paint. The truth is all three rooms [the kitchen, the back den, and the nursery] are getting the trifecta.

D and I are also prepping our bedroom and the upstairs hallway for paint.

Oh, and I painted the dining room recently.

Kind of a teaser photo for two reasons.

1. I cheated and the painters are going to paint the trim.

2. Our kitchen is living in the dining room and it looks like this:

I’m also in the middle of painting our kitchen cabinets with the help of someone I like to call, “Santa’s little helper”. Here she is in action.


Yeah. So I don’t actually have a helper and that’s why this is taking so long.

Happy black Friday!


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