so maybe not exactly what I had in mind…

… but baby real baby is definitely a GIRL.

Girls are so hard.

As in, decorating for one and picking clothes that don’t hurt your head.

After much agony, I think D and I have settled on the direction for the nursery. I say agony because it has been really hard to pick something not too “baby”, something that can grow up without having to re-do EVERYTHING (I’m fine with re-doing things, just not in like… a year), and something that doesn’t make your brain explode from tacky overload.

We’re thinking gingham bedding + blue seersucker roman shades.



Don’t worry – we are working in some pink. In the closet. In fact, I’m painting it today.

We’re planning to pull in some of the red from the bedroom in storage containers + accessories. Kind of Olivia the pig style. No plans to actually use Olivia the pig, but I do admire her style of mixing the pink and red. That fake pig has way more style than Miss Piggy.


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One response to “so maybe not exactly what I had in mind…

  1. Suzanne Long

    You crack me up. I’m always anxiously awaiting your entries just to see what funny s*** you’ll say next!

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