The blog, that is.

It isn’t dead… it has just been on… hiatus.

My excuses include the following:

1. D and I went on vacation to Maui. I disconnected and never reconnected.

2. I am tired.  As many people already know, we are growing a tiny baby. Well, mostly me. Anyway, it’s been taking a lot of energy. But now I am feeling more energized.

Meet Baby Real Baby. Yes, that is what we call it. We have to distinguish it from my other baby. The furry one.

Unfortunately for Baby Lily, Baby Real Baby can already do things she can’t. Baby Real Baby can suck its thumb… Lily doesn’t even have a thumb. Aww. Poor Lil.

3. Over the past few weeks, D and I worked on some random projects. Some weren’t at our house. We spent one weekend working at the rental house and one day on projects at my grandmother’s. Not that fun, but my grandmother did give me this, which I have wanted my entire life.

D destroyed an upstairs closet. Drywall to come.

I started removing wallpaper. I found more wallpaper underneath that I cannot remove – previous homeowners sealed it up [even adding plaster over it in spots], so there is no way to remove it without annihilating the wall. I plan to re-seal it, caulk around the edges, and sand the seams smooth.

D installed cedar in our master closet and our front porch speakers.

Anyway, we’ve been up to some stuff. I swear I am blogging religiously again.


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  1. Katee Bost

    We have matching elephants 🙂

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