since i’ve been gone

a week and a couple of days later, we finally moved the ac unit.

Technically, JR moved it, so we didn’t even do any work.


It used to be to the right of the doors.

Instead of moving the ac last weekend, I ripped up the fake hardwood in the kitchen to find linoleum or some form of ultra ugly tile. Obviously D and I scraped that up too. Then we sanded the floors, which still aren’t quite done. We’re in a holding pattern on those while we make some project-related decisions.

[excuse the dog feet. We are babysitting my parents’ dog while they vacation in Vegas. She won’t move more than 1 foot away.]

Since the kitchen [appliances, etc] aren’t THAT bad, we’re considering finishing up a bunch of other projects [exterior house painting, more windows, back living room, patio, etc] before tackling the kitchen. BUT there’s a time-constraint related to our employee discount at Lowe’s… hmm…

Anyway, D and I worked on a few things this weekend in addition to the ac.

D installed the temporary stairs [pictured above] to use until we get a permanent patio. Pretty helpful with two dogs in the house.

He installed the new toilet and pedestal sink in the half bath.


I cleaned and then painted some windows…



Babysat some dogs…


And got my toes painted minty green.



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