a gaping hole.

In our house.

Don’t worry, we put doors in it.


We now have doors right into the backyard. Lily doesn’t know yet, but she will totally love them.

The painters have been in and out for days.

They painted our stairs, and I promptly constructed this gallery wall.



They also painted the living room.




It still needs some help, but it’s better now that it isn’t yellow.

I want to get the bedroom painted. And get this wallpaper on the wall behind the headboard.




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3 responses to “a gaping hole.

  1. Amy

    The wedding gift looks great on your gallery wall! Glad I FINALLY gave it to you!

  2. Katrina

    You should send your pics to Roxy at Society Social! The bar cart and couch look amazing!

    • So I was actually supposed to send her some [she asked], but the painters took a really long time… so I am running behind 🙂 Whoops. I’m planning to get some over asap. ❤ society social for life.

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