flying solo

I love alone time. Not that I don’t love time with D too… because I do. And I was glad for him to come home on Sunday. But I still love alone time.

It was seriously so productive.

On Saturday, painters painted all day – the living room and the hallway. They primed the stairs. Luckily they finished the upstairs master on Friday, so I didn’t have to deal with that. PS – they still aren’t done with the rest.


While the painters worked indoors, I worked in the yard. I mowed and busted out my new cultivator. I destroyed the flower bed bordering the house and spread weed killer all over it to hopefully annihilate the wildflowers that keep growing there [left from the previous homeowners]. I also tilled up a garden space and planted some herbs, squash, and tomatoes. My mother and grandmother came by for lunch…

plus I ran a few errands [car wash/BJ’s/post office].

I painted some frames for our new ginger jar prints [from the pink pagoda].


I also scored some fu dogs for dirt cheap at Target. Unfortunately they were Target red. They told me they would rather be gold.


After all that work on Saturday, I was covered in yard dirt. I couldn’t really shower for a while due to the painting of the stairs… ick. But I did enjoy a quiet evening of Sex and the City, Lucky Charms, and online pillow ordering [from Furbish and Society Social]. The single life.


On Sunday morning, I did a little cleaning and ran by IKEA before getting D at the airport. I bought fake plants at IKEA. I am really REALLY against fake plants, but they are so lifelike! And they were so cheap. I think they will look awesome on the mantel and/or various places around the house.

After getting D, we ran more errands. Hard to believe, I know. We enjoyed a relaxed lunch at Nolen’s and then hit up West Elm, Target, J Crew, and his house in Ballantyne [renters were moving out… new one moving in next weekend].

Okay, so I did a lot of crap over the weekend.

Now I am ready to get through this week to do it all again.


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