i thought about it a little

and, as it turns out, I’m actually obsessing over quite a few things right now. Pretty much like always.

1. Devon Baer. If it wouldn’t result in divorce, I would buy every single piece of clothing made by Devon Haire. She is a genius. Pure genius. And she was featured in Matchbook this month. PS – I also want her to decorate our house.


2. Anchors. Clearly I’ve been anchored to anchors since my early days as a DG pledge, but lately everyone has been tempting me with these things. I’m talking to you, J.Crew.

[Shirt by J Crew]; [print from Pinterest]; [Earrings from Fornash]

3. Gardening. So I haven’t technically done any gardening yet. But I did buy a cultivator [two days ago], and I have a lot of compost.

4. Other farm-esque endeavors. See related post on chickens and bees that I must have soon.

5. Anything tortoise. Again, not really new. But definitely a rejuvenated obsession.

[Salad Servers from Zhush]


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