state of chaos

We are still in house chaos. The chaos is making regular blog entries kind of difficult.

We are still working on fifty thousand projects at one time… in my opinion it’s efficient because we can work one project while the other project is drying/needs materials/whatever. Some may disagree.

D [and our friend, JR] have been working on the upstairs electrical.

They also installed our new living room light [on clearance from Restoration Hardware].

Notice the current state of the living room. It is FULL of stuff for our master bathroom [and chairs that need to be reupholstered].

Yesterday, D, JR, and I [mostly D and JR] further destroyed the master bathroom. After demolishing it previously, we found a bunch of glue on the walls, which we couldn’t remove. So, now we are ready to start rebuilding [hopefully this week].


Last week our bed finally arrived from Restoration Hardware. We have more bedding [a quilt and shams] although we aren’t planning to use those until the bedroom is painted. [We have a painter coming by today for a quote].


I started window restoration a couple of weeks ago. Restoring all the windows is likely going to take ten years.

I began by placing the first window in a steam oven [built by D] MANY times. Each time, I steamed the window for about an hour and then scraped as much paint off as possible. After the first session in the steamer, I removed the glazing that holds the glass [and removed the glass]. This weekend, I sanded the window and started painting. I hope to finish painting this week in order to re-glaze and re-install the first window this weekend.



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