auto trader

The weekend was productive… D and I [and our friend, JR] made a little headway in the house. But, D and I also spent Friday and most of Saturday organizing our vehicle situation.

D and I decided a while ago to sell his Altima. Since we work so close to home [and at the same location], it didn’t make sense to us to keep two vehicles. We acknowledge that we may want two vehicles again in the future, but our second car will likely be something a little more fun than an Altima.

Last week we found a buyer for the car. We left work early on Friday and drove two hours [to Rockingham, NC] to make the sale. Fun times. I am not good at road trips [and have been spoiled by flying first class], so D had to deal with my complaining.

We had an appointment on Saturday morning to get the oil changed in my our 4Runner with the idea that we would also check out FJ Cruisers at the Toyota dealership…

To make a long story short, we ended up trading the 4Runner for a new FJ Cruiser. We love it. And I love driving it because it is big, and I require a big vehicle so I can drive over things. It has features we really enjoy [lots of power outlets for our electronics, bluetooth for talking and streaming music from our phones, a backup camera, 4WD, NO carpet to hold the pirate’s hair…].

Auto trading took up a big chunk of our weekend, but we are both glad to get this taken care of. 🙂



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