There is an upstairs!

No, really, there is. I’ve just been slammed busy.

Our contractor [Ray] is starting on the upstairs office today. No pic because there are no lights in there… and every time I remember to take a photo it’s too dark.

Anyway, Ray is installing a new ceiling, speakers, and recessed lights.

Then we plan to have the office painted and get HUGE desks from IKEA.

I need my space, people.

There are 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs.

One of which looks like a freaking aquarium. I die.

Right now two of the bedrooms are basically full of crap. Well, one is serving as a temporary office + wrapping station. The other is housing boxes of things that  belong in the office.

We were forced to make the upstairs master suite semi-live-able  since D’s parents will be arriving on Wednesday to stay for the holidays.

What a mess.

There are curtains that belong in the other guest room, not this one. Same with the duvet cover. Oh, and the nightstand thing. Like woah.



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