Things are a changin’

Slowly but surely, some things are actually changing in this wreck of a house.

D finished the downstairs electrical, and we are working to acquire some new lighting.

D switched out the front porch lights a few weeks ago.

But, in most of the house, we still have this

Unfortunately Restoration Hardware employs a NIT inventory system [not in time].

They did come through on our table though. Barely in time for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, our decor leaves something to be desired. We have some garland, a tree, and some cats on our kitchen cabinets…

We ordered a new sofa and a bar cart from Society Social a few months ago. They are both amazing [and Society Social is owned by Roxy, a fellow NCSU alum who is SUPER nice]. Unfortunately the bar cart and sofa  have to live in a temporarily yellow room, which is really starting to hurt my head.

D and I are hoping to get started on our master bathroom renovation in the very near future. We hoped to start before Christmas, but then realized ordering the new sinks and cabinetry is a major pain. There are a bajillion options, and I don’t like any of them.

Anyway, Restoration Hardware did come through big time in the way of our dresser. The drawers in this thing are cedar/amazing.

D also got two new presents recently.

First, a Tempur-Pedic mattress. Excuse the kind of messy bed. We’re getting a new one of those too [when RH decides to deliver it in a few months].

Second, D got Control 4. Control 4 is basically a home automation system… really scale-able… unfortunately I am scared of the scale in our house. Right now, we have two thermostats, some switches, and some crap to control our media. If you want to know more, email D. I’m tired of talking about it.

Anyway, that’s where we are downstairs. Kind of messy… but I think we have a good plan now…


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