It’s no secret

I’ve fallen off the blogging train.

D and I have been busy. Plus WordPress is blocked at work. And the connection on the bus is so slow I can’t bear it.

Basically we’ve just been trying to keep our heads above water. A few weekends ago we spent some time at our beach house with Amy, Parker, and Cates.

Lily and Cates are so cute together.



Lily loves the ocean. So much that she yakked up a gallon of saltwater at the end of the trip. I am certain that Lily is more trouble than a baby.

The weekend after the beach trip, I convinced D and D (Dustin and Deanna – my running partner from Wilkes who is running Thunder Road this weekend) to run the 8k Mooresville Pumpkin Run with me. They both got medals. I didn’t. Boo on my leg injury.

Last weekend was kind of relaxing… Okay, I just can’t remember what we did. Oh yeah, we biked from the dirty Mo to Dilworth for brunch. Then we tore out the linoleum floor in our den. Scratch that relaxing bit.

I have high hopes for this weekend. D’s friends from college are coming to town. I’m considering running the Amica Half Marathon on Saturday morning. I think we are going to Nix for lunch. We have dinner plans at Amy and Parker’s on Sunday. Dustin’s parents are coming in for a week. Oh, and I have two other projects I need to make progress on.

I am tired.


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