welcome to Lowe’s!

You know how when you go to Moe’s they always yell, “Welcome to Moe’s!”??? Well, I do that at Lowe’s.

Anywho, exciting times are upon us : D is coming to work at Lowe’s!

D will be working in the corporate office right in the dirty Mo [5 minutes from home], so he will not have to join me on my daily journey to Wilkesboro. This also means from this point forward he will be home everyyyyyy dayyyyyyyy. We are both super excited to spend more time together [maybe that’s just me], but we are also reallyyyyy going to miss Marriott and Hilton and flying first class [maybe that’s just me too].

To celebrate, I’m buying D a Lowe’s tervis tumbler. He’s ecstatic.





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2 responses to “welcome to Lowe’s!

  1. Congrats! I know you’ll love having him home!

  2. Oh happy day!!! Congrats, D!

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