the freakin weekend.

I love weekends. I miss them so much on Monday mornings… esp Monday mornings with a dead hard drive.

D and I started out Saturday morning with the Davidson 10k. It was a fun race with free beer but I have an injured leg [literally my whole leg – who knows] that was a ridiculous kind of painful. I repeated my tradition of a terrible outfit, but I couldn’t run faster than the 8:45 pace 😦

After the race, we went to a Chinese buffet! Okay, Chinese buffets sound like a better idea than they are. Noted.

Post buffet, we got our new sofa from Society Social! More on this later, but Society Social is ah-maz-ing.

D and I rounded out the day with some errands [eyebrows, Bath and Body Works, Lululemon, J Crew and Crate and Barrel].

We had a dinner date at Waldhorn. If you like German, go to Waldhorn. But not until next weekend when Oktoberfest kicks off. I cannot describe how awesome Waldhorn Oktoberfest is.


I even had leftover Waldhorn for Sunday’s breakfast!

Believe it or not, most of Sunday was spent on errands as well [Harris Teeter Teeter, BJ’s, Michael’s, World Market, and Lowe’s]. D decided to try his new saw from Lowe’s on one of the few trees left in our yard. In a Lululemon long sleeved shirt and A pocket sevens. I die. I was so nervous for the clothes. They are fine.

We also COMPLETED the first project in the house. Installing gutter guards! Thrilling, right?!

We’ve done quite a bit of work on the house recently, but primarily just tearing everything out. Pictures soon-ish?


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