my medal collection.

I have this great idea.

I won a medal at Sunday’s Corporate Challenge triathlon. An awesome co-worker at Lowe’s picked it up for me (since I never stay for awards ceremonies).

Since I now have this medal, I’ve decided that I should start a display in our house.

Unfortunately, I’ve earned (and not picked up) two other medals, so I could be much further ahead in this collection.

Anyway, to continue earning said medals, I really need to find the tiniest races to run. By tiny, I mean very few participants. You know, little competition. Or races that give medals just for finishing. Maybe that’s the way to go…

I don’t even know if I should tag this post as personal or “Design Academy”… this is interior design at its best.

On a side note, I thought this triathlon went terribly. I forgot/in a moment of tiredness decided not to wear my Garmin. I had no perception of pace or distance. I literally would have estimated my running pace at around 10:00/mile. It was actually nearly 8:00.

This weekend, I am def wearing my Garmin.

D and I are running the Davidson 10k on Saturday. My fabulous running partner is running the Davidson Half Marathon. I hear there is free beer after. I want a medal.


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  1. great job Brooke!!!

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