The Secret to 5k PRs by Brooke Logan

1. Drink scotch the night before. This properly fuels your body for an early run.

2. Dress as ridiculously as possible. You do not need a matching outfit to run faster.

Okay, maybe not.

But I did get a 5k PR on Saturday morning.

I was wearing the following:

One purple Flow Y sports bra from lululemon

One black lululemon tshirt

One pair of navy Oiselle running shorts (Oiselle is awesome, by the way)

Two neon orange Newton sneakers

Oh, and a gold/brown Patagonia fleece… pre-race

It was attractive.


7:42 pace.

Following the 5k, D and I met with a guy who is coming to work on our dining room this week. Then we completed an extensive amount of yard work [raking leaves/pine needles and chopping down trees].

Sunday morning, I competed in the Corporate Challenge Triathlon… my legs felt like bricks. We repeated the yard work alllll day long.

I feel like we accomplished something.


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