getting married?

Ever? Like, in your life?

So, I understand that D and I made you travel to Charlotte for our wedding. But can all future brides and grooms please get married somewhere fun?

Here are my top suggestions:

1. New Orleans. I would like to visit NO, and I’ve never been. 😦

2. A ski resort. Preferably one out west [ie not Ski Beech, people]… maybe Solitude?

3. Who wouldn’t love a camp wedding? How do you feel about Moab in Utah?

4. California wine country. Okay, that is actually a legitimate suggestion.

5. I could get on board with an island. One I haven’t been to… like St. Barts or St. Croix.

Okay, that is the end of my extensive list. Ironically, it is eerily similar to my list of [relatively] domestic vacation possibilities.


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  1. aymorrison

    Wait, Wake Forest wasn’t exotic enough for you? There is a Village Deli, Target and a Goodberry’s… It’s pretty much a destination wedding.

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