10 things i’m obsessed with now

I’ve been so busy lately (not really fun busy, more like everyday repetitive chores/working out busy)… there’s been no time for this blog. Well, maybe I could be blogging more and sleeping less, but I love to sleep. Anyway, I’ll catch you up on what I’m doing/seriously liking right now.

10. Kanye’s Workout Plan. Really, best workout song ever. It has been on my workout playlist for 2 solid years, and I love it every. single. time.

That’s right, put in work
Move your ass, go wizzerk
Eat your salad, no dessert
Get that man you deserve

9. Running. I run 5-6 days per week, and I would run double 7 days per week if there was time in my life. There is not time in my life. I am also obsessed with becoming a stay at home runner. That’s like a stay at home mom minus the kids. Plus running.

8. Newton’s. I ordered new running shoes from Charlotte Running Company. I have never been so excited to get shoes. 8 ounces of neon awesomeness.

7. Friendship bracelets. This is a lingering obsession. I am going to Michael’s for material tonight.

6. Lily. Lily is cute. We call her LBL sometimes… not for Lily Barbee Logan… but for Lily Burpy Logan. Lily is also gross most times, but we forgive her because she is cute. One of Lily’s current obsessions is Chobani.

5. Composting. D and I bought a composter. It is really fun to see how much stuff we have to compost every week… especially with all the fresh fruits and vegetables we use in the summer months.

4. D being at home. D rolled off his Salt Lake City project last week, so he is home indefinitely. This is awesome because we get to work on the house more, spend more time together, and actually eat real dinner.

3. Upgrades. D and I were upgraded on our flight to NYC on Friday. Perfect flight for an upgrade because we do not have to drive after… plus it’s a Friday night. Great time for free drinks. I get very excited over being upgraded.

2. Yoga. I FINALLY made it to Yoga One on Sunday. Class was an hour and a half of awesomeness. I do not love running as much as I love yoga. This means I love yoga A LOT. D won’t go to yoga though. He is occasionally a scaredy cat.

1. New York. D and I are going to NYC on Friday night. We are staying at the Ritz in Battery Park for the weekend and going to a wedding on Sunday in Brooklyn! I am so so so sooooooooo excited about the food opportunities. I am also excited about going to the Brooklyn Flea. I am even more excited about Max Brenner potentially having chocolate filled syringes.


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