D was only home for 24 hours last weekend. Part of that was spent working. The other part was spent putting together a picnic table for our front porch, doing laundry, re-packing, and eating FroYo. That’s pretty much it. It was traumatically short.

On Tuesday, D found out he has to stay in Salt Lake City this weekend for work [his project is in the middle of go live and live isn’t really going].

That was just traumatic.

But, I made a list of things I would work on. I planned to do a 5k/60 mile bike on Saturday [for part 2 of the corporate challenge – D and I both registered a while ago]. I was going to go to Lowe’s, mow the yard, AND I was going to Sunday morning yoga at Yoga One [just like I used to, pre-D]. I even bought a new white racerback from Lululemon to get psyched about it [didn’t really help that much].

Today, D booked me a flight to Salt Lake City.

Eh, I guess my chores will just wait. At least I have a new yoga tank. Yoga One, my sweat will return soon, I swear.


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