House Tour!

Apologies. I know I promised a house tour right after we bought Academy St. in April. But, times are busy.

People ask how our house is. My answer is always “A disaster”. And it is. It really is. It is killing me. But, we have plans to completely renovate this piece of work.

Right before closing on Academy St. we did a final walk through. Unfortunately, in the walk through, we found the seller left a TON of junk in the house [reflected in some of the photos although the basement was also PACKED]. At that time we really had no choice but to go ahead and close [due to our schedule, the seller being in bankruptcy, etc].

So, here goes the first floor.

When entering the house from the back door/driveway [which we always do], the first encounter is this little porch. Obviously, we plan to tear this thing down and rebuild. This is not an adequate space for two grills. It does look like adequate space for someone wearing a grill.

The back door leads into the laundry room area. We plan to take down the door/part of the wall from the kitchen, so [one day] this should be a nice mud room with cabinetry disguising the washer/dryer. We’ve removed the desk left behind by the previous owner [right side of the photo] and installed our washer/dryer in the back corner.

This area leads into the kitchen. The kitchen appliances are okay [although NONE of them are staying], but the kitchen requires a full renovation. The previous owners painted cats on the cabinetry [the cabinets are AWFUL anyway], and they installed a crappy counter top that conveniently covers all of the outlets in the kitchen except for one.

We plan to install a gas range and double oven. We would also like a dishwasher with drawers that can be run separately as opposed to the standard dishwasher option. As far as the actual design strategy in the kitchen, I want something super clean looking. Grey lower cabinets – white upper. White subway tile. Destroy the dropped ceiling and likely install recessed lighting. Install lots of outlets.

The kitchen does feature a huge pantry, which is a nice luxury in an old house. We will redo all of the shelving [the current shelving has a raised spot for plates???].

Luckily the dining room doesn’t need much work. Definitely some awesome wallpaper [oh, and we need to patch the wall]. I’m dreaming of a 12 person table from Restoration Hardware in this space veryyyyyy soon.

The formal living room doesn’t require much work either, relatively speaking. We really want to at least heavily sand [if not totally strip] all of the molding in the house to showcase the detail work.

I have big plans for this room. They center around my our large Nicole Cohen print that just arrived today…

Stairs. You would think these would require little work, right? Wrong. First, the wall is just a disaster of dirt. Second, the carpet. Jesus, the carpet.

We have two master bedrooms – one upstairs and one downstairs. I love this about the house. What I don’t love is how the master bedroom downstairs [ours] currently looks. An old lady used to live in here. I guess an old lady still does live in here technically [Lily Logan].

This is another small fix though. Paint + light fixture change + closet upgrade.

The master bathroom is not a small fix. It is a very big fix. Like it needs to be totally annihilated. And, it is going to become the bathroom from J Crew in NYC. All black. [Full disclosure : It likely won’t get a black toilet like J. Crew. For some reason the previous owners invested all of their money in toilets… so we apparently have the most expensive toilets ever].

The final piece of the downstairs is the den. We plan to make this a comfortable seating area. And a bar. A really, really nice bar.

We have to rip out the ceiling and the awful flooring. There’s hardwood under. I’m scared.

So, that’s basically the downstairs of Academy St. I will try to give a little tour of the upstairs in the next day or so. If you are frightened by the downstairs, you do not want to read the post on the upstairs 🙂 Fair warning.


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  1. I love it Brooke! I cannot wait to see the bathrooms especially. All black sounds pretty cool

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