Honeymooning in the islands

As many of you know, D and I decided to visit the Cook Islands [in the south pacific] for our honeymoon.

Rather than stay on the main island [Rarotonga], we decided to spend a week on Aitutaki, which is often called the most beautiful island in the south pacific. Aitutaki is much smaller than Rarotonga, not very touristy, but extremely beautiful.

I was really excited about our accommodations with a private villa on the beach and a resort with free snorkel equipment and kayaks. I dreamed of kayaking around all day.

Wellllll, our first two days on Aitutaki were rainy and extremely windy! We watched more than a couple episodes of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit! on the ipad since the weather was so bad. [Watch the show… it is usually hilarious].

The good news is that we were still able to find an appetite for fresh seafood.  Check out our super seafood platter. I also located an appetite for fresh coconut. And bananaramas.

[Yes, a bananarama IS made with bananas and local honey. Jealous?]

Luckily the weather improved. The island was beautiful. We rented a scooter for the rest of the week. Driving around [on the opposite side of the road] with no helmet turned out to be pretty fun.

We hiked to the highest point on Aitutaki – Mt. Maungapu.

We also spent time laying out, kayaking, and eating more seafood. And drinking more bananaramas.


I drank lots of bananaramas because the alcohol supply in Aitutaki is very limited. I can’t write this post without  a disclaimer.

If you visit Aitutaki, please, please take your own alcohol. They do not have a reliable supply of wine or liquor. [One night we ordered a scotch but they offered us Jack Daniels instead. NOT the same.]

The people on Aitutaki are EXTREMELY religious… partially leading to the alcohol “issue”.

After spending six nights on Aitutaki, we spent one night on Rarotonga [to catch an early flight]. We had dinner at a great restaurant on the water, Trader Jack’s.

Shortly after 6am on Monday morning, D and I boarded a flight to Auckland, NZ. Soooo glad we were able to continue our honeymoon in NZ!


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  1. who is that sexy guy on the motorcycle?

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