The Day After

There were so many great things about our wedding. One of the aspects of planning that I am most proud of is [shockingly] the next day.

D and I decided to spend our wedding night at The Ritz in uptown Charlotte. The room at the Ritz was [I think] the first thing that we booked after setting a wedding date. It was definitely one of the very first decisions we made.

I am soooo glad we stayed at The Ritz. I’m not going to say the room was as amazing as, for example, the Presidential Suite we had at the Spartanburg Marriott, but it was very nice. And The Ritz has something the Spartanburg, SC Marriott does not have. And that is a fantastic spa.

We booked a couples massage for Sunday morning after the wedding. We slept in a little, and we didn’t have to rush down to our massages. The massage was the best massage I have ever received. No competition. The spa is, in my opinion, roughly a billion times better than Ballantyne Resort. Go there. Oh, and they called us Mr. and Mrs. Logan. Big points for that.

After the massage, D and I went to Mert’s to enjoy brunch. It was basically just lunch at that point 🙂

We were also able to meet with Dustin’s father and stepmother to collect some gifts and the top of our wedding cake.

Then, we drove to our house in Mooresville. We opened gifts, gathered our honeymoon bags, and mentally prepared for a LOT of traveling.

Our flight to LAX didn’t leave Charlotte until a little after 6pm. It was great timing since we had the entire day to decompress and prepare.

We left CLT on Sunday night, flew to LAX, and then to Rarotonga, Cook Islands. We took a tiiiiiny plane from Rarotonga to the small island of Aitutaki (and arrived by 10am on Monday morning)! Man, the time zones worked in our favor.

Anyway, I am so glad that we were able to spend so much quality time together on our wedding weekend… just getting used to being husband and wife. Orrrr wife and wife.


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