Mr. and Mrs.

Not to worry. Your Google Reader is not broken. I’ve just been gone for a while. You know, getting married and honeymooning.

After much anticipation, D and I got married!!!

We had such a perfect day with our family and amazing friends. Everything went just as planned thanks to our seriously awesome wedding planner, Heather, of The Graceful Host.

Check out our beautiful bridesmaids

I am pretty positive the best investment of the night was either 1. the photobooth or 2. open bar.

I think D and I spent the entire night in a cloud of happiness. My mom said she has never seen me smile so much in one day, and that is probably a pretty accurate description.

It’s pretty overwhelming to have all of your family and friends in one place.

So, we ate, we danced, and we gazed at each other.

I even taught Mini Mo my signature dance move (and learned a new one). I hope to provide additional footage later.

After a few short hours, the time came for D and I to head to the Ritz (and enjoy a glass of scotch as husband and wife)!


PS. I swear I will share professional photos as soon as we get them from our favorite photographers, Candice and Daniel (The Beautiful Mess).


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