The Corporate Challenge Part One

It was the weekend of free stuff.

Not only did D and I get lots of free stuff [A.K.A. scotch] at Epic Chophouse on Friday, but we also got some great swag from the 5k we ran on Sunday.

D and I decided to participate in the Cool Breeze Cyclery Corporate Challenge this year. It’s a unique setup… Rubbermaid/Ingersoll Rand/Lowe’s [along with some smaller companies] host three events. Rubbermaid hosted the 5k on Sunday. Lowe’s will host a 5k along with the Lake Norman Excursion [40, 60, 100 mile bike options] in July. Finally, Ingersoll Rand will host a triathlon in September to cap off the series. The events promote healthy lifestyles among those in the corporate environment.

So, back to the swag.

Typically, gifts at these events are crappy [usually some unwanted coupons]. BUT, this time, they were legit.

We each got a nice shirt, a sharpie, a carpentry pencil and sharpener, along with a picture hanging kit [35 lbs!] at packet pickup.

THEN, Rubbermaid had a table of free stuff at the event. Free sharpies, picture kits, pencils, and plastic water bottles.

It may sound lame that I am excited over this. But, when you have a house being renovated [and your fiance only has carpentry pencils from Home Depot], you get excited over these things. Plus, we can hang pictures!!!

Oh, and we both ran pretty decently. I placed third in my age group. Clearly this wasn’t a very competitive race. But I did have a 7:50 pace, finishing in just over 24 minutes. Don’t worry though, a 7 year old girl finished right behind me.

D beat me [of course, jerk] finishing in 22:49 [ish] with a 7:21 pace.

I would threaten to take him down next time, but we are racing again on Saturday [Over the Mountain Triathlon]. I’m pretty sure I can’t beat him in that. Crap.


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