An Epic Dinner

After work on Friday, D and I needed to unwind. We took a walk downtown for a scotch dinner at our favorite place, Epic Chophouse.

We heard about the dinner a few weeks ago [when we unknowingly wandered into Epic before they were open in search of a drink]. Epic advertised the dinner as a five course meal featuring a GlenLivet scotch with each course. For $70. Awesome.

Needless to say, D and I were super excited about the dinner. It basically got me through the week. And, I am happy to report, it seriously exceeded all expectations.

1. The people at Epic are fantastic.

2. We had a LOT of scotch. We could even have more than one drink with each course.

3. The menu was ridiculous. We had an oyster with sorbet, lobster, quail, a HUGE pork chop, and an apple pastry with ice cream as dessert. Each item was made with the scotch that accompanied it. Holy mackerel.

4. We got a gift bag. With an entire bottle of GlenLivet 12 year. And a tshirt, a wallet, tasting glass… [we could even take home the laminated menus describing the elements of each scotch].

I could not recommend Epic more highly. It’s a fantastic place for dinner and/or drinks… plus they plan to do more special dinners [next month is the beer dinner]. Go there. Now.


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